Friday, May 29, 2009

First Full Week of Work

Hey everybody,

Some important things: a) It is raining... it has been raining for a while now, and b) I have completed my first full week of work (because counting today's little bit of work, it has been six days of work).

       So I really really really enjoy my job. I now realize I will be working mostly on my own, with assigned projects (fair trade profile updating for the website, fair trade pavilion programming for the Green Festival in October, a full contact list for Fair Trade Alliance members, etc.) but also the expectation that I can go and find work for myself. I am confident, capable, and have already earned the trust of my colleagues (my boss's boss, Todd Larsen, the Director of Corporate Responsibility Programs, really liked this media summary I did for the recent Fair Trade Tour, and he said they might use it for donors... I smiled). 

       Oh and I had this wonderful conversation today, because it was Friday, with Denise, who is one of the founders of Green America. I had some wild ideas for fundraising strategies, and wanted to learn more about how non-profits were dealing with the recession, and she had lots to tell me (she also has a picture of her holding hands with the Dali Lama, she is that cool...). Anyways she is like this super-intelligent old hippie, and just freely talked to me about all of these green businesses that grow up and get bought out by large corporations, but the large corporations don't want to tarnish the brand or image of the product, so they try to hide the fact that they own it (like the fact that Coke owns Honest Tea, or that Clorox owns Burt's and Bee's). It was a very fun conversation, and I think I may have impressed her.
        Anyways my boss left today, and I will miss him. Him and I seem to be a lot alike and I am sure we would have gotten along great. It is also great to have this independance, but I do definitely look forward to working with my new boss, Sam, on Monday. It will probably be a different relationship than the one Yochi and I had, but we will just have to wait and see.

 I am off tonight to celebrate Yochi's farewell at a party with my colleagues. It will be interesting to see them all drunk and happy, instead of just happy and tired. 

Also, I get to go to a yardsale tomorrow morning, benefiting a dog rescue organization (one of my colleagues volunteers with them), and then I will see that adorable cousin, Dana, play soccer (some competitive soccer tryout-thing). I will then babysit her for the weekend, so her mom, Aunt Marla, can have a peaceful one-year anniversary with her new husband Steve. It will be a fun and relaxing weekend. 

I will leave you with a wonderful quote from my roommate Laura:

         We are the flute, our music is all Thine;
         We are the mountains echoing only Thee;
         And movest to defeat or victory;
         Lions emblazoned high on flags unfurled-
         The wind invisible sweeps us through the world.

                                                                               - Rumi

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