Monday, May 18, 2009

17 May - Arrival

Hey Guys, I'm here! I arrived at 12:15 PM on Sunday, May 17th in beautiful and awesomely cool Washington, D.C. After hopping on the Yellow Line, taking it North (for a good 25 minutes) to the Columbia Heights Station, my brother, Jerry, and his fiancée, Robin, were waiting to pick me up. Yesterday consisted of:
- meeting roommates (2 super cool vegetarian women, and Joan, a computer programmer, french, and the only other male)
- moving Jerry's stuff to Robin's House(literally 50 yards away!)
- settling all my things (desk, clothes, etc)
- getting groceries with Jerry and Robin (Harris Teeter is the choice here, with infrequent visits to Whole Foods, and possible smaller weekend purchases at the Farmers Market)
- exploring the neighborhood (Malcolm X, or Adams Morgan Park, Adams Morgan 'square' with great ethnic restaurants, packed coffee shops)
- eating Kyochi at Robin's (made by Robin's roommate, William, who works for DC Central Kitchen with Robert Egger! Coincidence!)
- reading, tea, some yoga
- out to eat dinner at The Diner (24 hour, better-than-waffle-house-type place)
- Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Social at Robin's (also now known as Sunday Sundaes)

All in all a very eventful day -- very fun, very welcoming. Thanks, DC roommies & company.

Plans for tomorrow and before starting work:
- Call Yochi to confirm time for work and any preparation I need to do
- Check out the local plant shop and see if the backyard can be planted SOON
- See a museum (maybe)
- Eat dinner at Aunt Marla's in Rockville
- Cook a meal!

DC is wonderful, guys! I know how lucky I am to be where I am, and I want to thank everyone in my life who has made it possible. 

Be well,



  1. I am the 'Fair Trade' intern for Green America, formerly coopamerica (, and I will be doing a variety of work under this auspice of fair trade. Research, communications, articles/information on the website, and some collaborative work. Exactly how this balance plays out, and what exactly I will be doing, I have yet to find out :)