Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Brief Story of Two Tillers and an Adorable Ten Year-Old

Quick recap of Tuesday (Wednesday's's reflection will be MUCH longer)

I have gotten some goals achieved, and it has made me quite happy:

1. Cooked a meal on Monday - With Jerry's aid, of course, we prepared some delicious curry chicken and sauteed veggies, with some baked corn. Delicious and simple. Done.

2. Talked to my boss, Yochi - I'm starting tomorrow at 10:30! 

3. Got the backyard ready for planting - After walking for over an hour to the Rhode Island Home Depot, renting a tiller, finding a freelance cab driver (Rick Johnson, great man), figuring out that the tiller did not work, renting a second tiller, and finally returning that tiller back to Home Depot. Without you, Rick, there would be no garden.

4. Having to rent two tillers delayed the whole job tremendously, and by the time the tiller was dropped off it was 7:45, and I went from the Red Line Stop, fortunately right next to the Home Depot, all the way to the end - Rockville, Maryland. There, a wonderful aunt, Marla was there to greet me. My cousin Dana, an exuberant and adorable 10 year-old, was waiting for me with a delicious dinner awaiting. I had not eaten much all day, and it took seconds for me to devour the turkey meatballs and pasta. Great meal - and I hope to attend Dana's soccer games and swim meets!

All in all, an exhausting but very productive day.  Exhausted, I could barely fall asleep. I was too excited about work!

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